OSIPP's Admission Policy

 Based on Osaka University Admission Policies, in order to nurture personnel matching its education objectives, the Osaka School of International Public Policy selects persons with the following qualities.
  1. Individuals interested in public policy issues such as peace and security, environmental issues, economic development, and the protection of human rights
  2. Individuals aspiring to unravel and clarify such issues from a variety of perspectives
  3. Individuals wishing to actively discuss with others, making use of their knowledge and points of view
  4. Individuals wishing to take initiative in solving public policy issues
  5. Individuals who are interested in languages, especially English, wish to improve their proficiency, and actively share their ideas with the world
 In order to select such individuals for entry into its Master's course, the Osaka School of International Public Policy requires applicants to take an examination to measure English proficiency, and conducts an oral examination based on a submitted research proposal. For entry into the Doctoral course, applicants must also submit a master's thesis or other equivalent document.
  1. Regarding English proficiency, applicants are required to have achieved a certain level in reputable tests, such as TOEFL, TOEIC and IELTS.
  2. The research plan must contain logical and persuasive explanation regarding the topic the applicant plans to conduct research on after admission, as well as their awareness of the issues associated with the topic, and intended methodology.
  3. The oral examination tests the applicant's ability in terms of what is contained in their research proposal, as well as their communication skills in persuasively conveying their assertions and accurately answering questions from the examiners.
  4. The Master's thesis (or equivalent document) is assessed by faculty members based on their professional perspectives.


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