Announcement from OSIPP International Student Office:"International Cafe OPEN!!" (For OSIPP Students)

This is an announcement from renewed OSIPP International Student Office.

International Student Office aims to promote interactions among students of OSIPP, supports international students in their study and life in general, and helps students study abroad. This office also serves as the office for Undergraduate and Graduate Certificate in European Studies (EUIJ-Kansai).

One of our new projects is "International Cafe," where you can drop in causally to have lunch, chat with fellow international and Japanese students, or discuss your concerns of any kind with the staff.

Come and chat with us over a cup of tea or coffee.

             **International Cafe**

 hours: Mon-Fri 12:00~15:00
 place: OSIPP  room 205 

If you'd like to discuss with a coordinator outside the cafe hours, please email to or visit International Student Office so that we can arrange date and time to meet.
       available time: Mon・Fri  9:30~18:00 
                Tue・Wed   9:30~17:00
                Thur     10:30~17:00

Hiroko Shiota and Kaya Lee are the two coordinators in this office from this April. We are more than happy to support you in every aspect of your life. We wish you a wonderful student life at OSIPP!

 International Student Office
 Hiroko Shiota and Kaya Lee
 Email:sodan◎ change ◎ to @, when you send email)

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