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Theory of International Organizations, Theory of International Public Administration, U.N. Research, Research into Accountability of International Organizations

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I'm eager to help everyone who wants to work in the public sector in the future achieve his or her dreams.

   In recent years, there has been an unending stream of people who wish to work in the international public sector--not only young people, but people of all ages, up to and including senior citizens--in fields such as human rights, the environment, and economic impoverishment. I think this is because the idea that the world is connected has developed from the bottom of people's hearts. Perhaps the urge to assist in overcoming damage from natural disasters such as cyclones and tsunami occurring far away across the sea and the tendency to be angered by infringements of human rights by governments and to seek to remedy the situation spring from the fact that these events are increasingly not perceived as other people's problems.

   On the other hand, now that Japan has become a wealthy nation, a job in the international public sector does not necessarily guarantee one a comfortable salary and tranquil life. Furthermore, native speakers of Japanese must always grapple with a linguistic handicap. It's extremely easy to abandon such a career for any of these reasons.

   Nonetheless, anybody with a solid commitment to pursue a career in the international public sector can take the first step. I hope that I'll be able to provide support and assistance as you take that first step with your own two feet, even if it's only a timid one.

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