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International Law, International Human Rights Law

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International protection of human rights

   Human rights are mainly protected by a constitution of a State, and this is the case in Japan, where Chapter 3 of the Japanese Constitution enumerates the human rights that are protected in Japan. However, World War II taught us that entrusting the protection of human rights to any single State is both insufficient and dangerous. Consequently, after World War II, there has been various activities in order to protect the human rights in international society.

   One of efforts of international society in this field is drafting of treaties which impose on States obligation to protect human rights (Human Rights treaties), and monitoring of domestic implementation of those treaties by each States Parties. I have studied especially this domestic implementation of human rights treaties, and of course, those issues in Japan.

   In the field of human rights, there is no State which does not has human rights problems. Human rights treaties do play and can play the role of complementing protection of human rights by the national law. I think and I hope that you also think that it is interesting to examine Japanese human rights situations in the light of International Human Rights treaties.

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