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Peace building, ethnic conflict, and international organization theory

Research Introduction and Message

A branch of international and domestic political science that focuses on systems designed to prevent armed conflict

   As a broad research theme, what do societies that have experienced military conflict need in order to restore and maintain stability and peace? How and to what extent should international society intervene? These are some of the questions we explore. Although the answers may seem simple at first glance, in reality, these issues are complex. For example, what role does military power play? Which parties involved in a conflict and/or key international actors should take the initiative? In societies where members are divided along ethnic lines, what systems should be established? There are many issues that do not have simple or consistent answers.
Our main focus, for example, is the former Yugoslavia. This region has experienced a period of severe armed conflict; at the same time, it is part of Europe and closely involved with the European Union (EU) and other Western countries. Although this is a good model for peace building, the process has been complex and non-linear; despite more than ten years having passed since the conflict, the situation still cannot be said to be stable.
By going back and forth between real examples and theories, we aim to get closer, step by step, to a deeper understanding of conflict and the systems that can control it. Let's explore and investigate these issues together.

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