The First Semester 2019

Economics of Human Resource Allocation

Class: 16:20-17:50, Monday

Office Hour: 12:15-13:00, Monday
(Please make an appointment for other time.)


In this course, you will learn a part of the following theories in each year.

1.      Assignment Theory

(ア) Reference 1 here.

(イ) Reference 2 here.

2.      Human Capital Theory, Contract Theory, Search Theory

(ア)  Reference 1 here.

(イ) Reference 2 here.

3.      Empirical Method with a Generalized Roy Model

(ア) Reference 1. here.

(イ) Reference 2. here.

(ウ) Reference 3. here.

4.       Econometrics of Matching Model

(ア) Reference 1. here.

(イ) Reference 2. here.



 Course Outline in this year: click here.


The students who take this course are expected to present a research paper or a research proposal at here.



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