"The Role and the Problems of the Japanese University Entrance Examination System: From the Perspective of Human Resource Development and Selection"  (written in Japanese)


       A Summary of the Previous Projects
"Annual Report 2007: The Murata Science Foundation" (written in Japanese)

A Survey Related to My Research
   Chapter 2:Allocation of Managerial Ability and Entrepreneurial Ability'' 
                                    in my Ph.D. Dissertation, Prediction Ability, at  the Department of Economics in the University of Pennsylvania,  2000

1) "How general is managerial human capital? : Evidence from the Retention of Managers after M&As"with Kenjiro Hirata and Ayako Suzuki


2) "Intergenerational Conflict Over Consumption Tax Hike: Evidence from Japan" with Ryosuke Okazawa


3) "Successful and Dead-end Jobs in a Bureaucracy: Evidence from Japan" with Kenta Kojima


4) "Advertisment versus Motivation in Competitive Search Equilibrium"


5) "Horizontal Transfer and Promotion: New Evidence and an Interpretation from the Perspective of Task-Specific Human Capital"  with Masaru Sasaki and Junmin Wan

6) "Persistent Differences in Productivity, Wages, Skill Mixes and Profits Between Firms in a Rapidly Changing Environment"

                 (The summary of this paper is available at  here  (written in Japanese)





1)  "On the Role of Job Assignment in a Comparison of Education Systems"  with Ryuichi Tanaka,  Canadian Journal of Economics,  Vol. 46, issue 1, 180-207, February, 2013. 

2)   "Entrepreneurial Efficiency: Theory"    Japanese Economic Review, Vol. 62, No. 2, 2011, June, 196-214. 
3)  "Does the Diversity of Human Capital Increase GDP? A Comparison of Education Systems", with Ryuichi Tanaka ,  Journal of Public Economics, 2009, p998-1007
                                                                                                            This paper is awarded as 100 papers selection in Annual Report of Osaka University, 2009-2010.  

4)  "Entrepreneurial Competition and Its Impact on the Aggregate Economy"Journal of Economics, 2009, p1-18

5)   "Limited Attention, Interaction and the Gradual Adjustment of a Firm's Decisions",     Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 2009, p345-362

6)  "Fiscal Policy and Entrepreneurship",   Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2008, p592-608
                                                                                                            This paper is awarded as 100 papers selection in Annual Report of Osaka University, 2008-2009.  

7) "Entrepreneurial Efficiency: An Empirical Framework and Evidence"Seoul Journal of Economics, 2007,  p447-479

8)   "The Value of Adaptability - Through the Analysis of a Firm's Prediction Ability" ,     Journal of Economics and Business , 2007, p144-162
                                                                                                              This paper is awarded as 100 papers selection in Annual Report of Osaka University, 2006-2007. 
9)  "A Barrier to the Diffusion of Tacit Knowledge" the Review of Development Economics. , 2004, p81-90

10)   "Prediction Ability" the Review of Economic Dynamics , 2003, p80-98

11)   "Jobs, Education and Underdevelopment Trap" the Journal of International Trade and Economic Development , 1997, p29-42.



"Turning Points: Jovanovic (1979), "Job Matching and the Theory of Turnover" , The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies), No.669, April, 2016.

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