"The Role and Problem of the Entrance Examination System in Japanese Higher Education: From the Perspective of Human Capital Development and Screening "  (written in Japanese)


       A Summary of the Previous Projects
"Annual Report 2007: The Murata Science Foundation" (written in Japanese)

A Survey Related to My Research
   Chapter 2:Allocation of Managerial Ability and Entrepreneurial Ability'' 
                                    in my Ph.D. Dissertation, Prediction Ability, at  the Department of Economics in the University of Pennsylvania,  2000

1) "Does Managerial Experience in a Target Firm Matter for the Retention of Managers after M&As? " with Kenjiro Hirata and Ayako Suzuki


2) "Advertisment versus Motivation in Competitive Search Equilibrium"


3) "Horizontal Transfer and Promotion: New Evidence and an Interpretation from the Perspective of Task-Specific Human Capital"  with Masaru Sasaki and Junmin Wan

4) "Persistent Differences in Productivity, Wages, Skill Mixes and Profits Between Firms in a Rapidly Changing Environment"

                 (The summary of this paper is available at  here  (written in Japanese)





1)  "On the Role of Job Assignment in a Comparison of Education Systems"  with Ryuichi Tanaka,  Canadian Journal of Economics,  Vol. 46, issue 1, 180-207, February, 2013. 

2)   "Entrepreneurial Efficiency: Theory"    Japanese Economic Review, Vol. 62, No. 2, 2011, June, 196-214. 
3)  "Does the Diversity of Human Capital Increase GDP? A Comparison of Education Systems", with Ryuichi Tanaka ,  Journal of Public Economics, 2009, p998-1007
                                                                                                            This paper is awarded as 100 papers selection in Annual Report of Osaka University, 2009-2010.  

4)  "Entrepreneurial Competition and Its Impact on the Aggregate Economy"Journal of Economics, 2009, p1-18

5)   "Limited Attention, Interaction and the Gradual Adjustment of a Firm's Decisions",     Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 2009, p345-362

6)  "Fiscal Policy and Entrepreneurship",   Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2008, p592-608
                                                                                                            This paper is awarded as 100 papers selection in Annual Report of Osaka University, 2008-2009.  

7) "Entrepreneurial Efficiency: An Empirical Framework and Evidence"Seoul Journal of Economics, 2007,  p447-479

8)   "The Value of Adaptability - Through the Analysis of a Firm's Prediction Ability" ,     Journal of Economics and Business , 2007, p144-162
                                                                                                              This paper is awarded as 100 papers selection in Annual Report of Osaka University, 2006-2007. 
9)  "A Barrier to the Diffusion of Tacit Knowledge" the Review of Development Economics. , 2004, p81-90

10)   "Prediction Ability" the Review of Economic Dynamics , 2003, p80-98

11)   "Jobs, Education and Underdevelopment Trap" the Journal of International Trade and Economic Development , 1997, p29-42.



"Turning Points: Jovanovic (1979), "Job Matching and the Theory of Turnover" , The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies), No.669, April, 2016.

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